Saturday, July 4, 2015

Update from Skyler Johnson

When I was driving to the San Diego Airport, my expectations for this trip were very low. I thought the trip would be like any other trip with no meaning - just something to do to.  I thought it was just this one word, “Serve.”  This one word just had one meaning to me which was working for nothing. During the week I was trying to figure out what was the purpose of the trip.  When we were on the top of Inspiration Point I was talking to James and one of the youth works leaders, Austin, about faith and when were you really truly saved.  Not when you get baptized, not when you get confirmed, but when you truly know you are saved. The cool part about this is that everyone has their own story of when they were saved. Another time I was talking to another youth works leader, Sydney, and we were talking about the same topic and I figured out all about what special meaning this trip had for me and it was building on God’s purpose for me.  You really find your purpose when you can be comfortable doing that through Christ, and with serving that’s a building block to build your purpose up.  That one word, serve, is what can help you get past that mountain; that can build you for a better future to show you how much you are blessed. But the only way to realize the meaning of that word is to use your God given purpose to find it.

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