Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Update by Jake Huhn

Hey, Jake here. This week has been very interesting and exciting so far, but it has been an amazing experience. I did not start the trip well, mainly because of an extremely suspecting airport security crew. After finally making it through security, the rest of the day was fine. My crew was assigned to work at the Boys and Girls Club in the Tenderloin for the week. We have to drive about an hour through heavy traffic to get to and from where we're staying. Despite having six kids cramped in a small car, and listening to the same song about 8 times on the radio, we've been having fun. Working with the children at the Boys and Girls Club has been a great experience so far, and all the members of my group have taken to it very well. Though we may try, none of us will ever be able to beat the kids in a game of pool. Today we got to go to the Golden Gate Bridge, which was fantastic. It was amazing to see that mankind was able to build something this huge and impressive, which only widened my understanding of how amazing it was for God to create the whole earth. That's about it for today, we'll be back with another blog tomorrow.


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