Saturday, June 27, 2015

1st Day by Adam Meyer

1st Day

         Today was our first day on our servant event in San Francisco.  The flight was a bit rocky in the beginning but soon smoothed out and allowed us to arrive safely in Oakland.  After we landed and rented our vehicle, we headed to our hotel which immediately set off Steve's police sences due to the rough looking area but got settled in okay. We ate dinner at an Italian place near our hotel after we were all settled in.  After dinner, we had some free time of swimming and talking at the hotel before we began devotions at 9:30.  At devotions, we started on our cloth for the trip by putting our name, place of birth, and one word that defines us.  We each talked about that one word that defined us and how it relates to our life and faith.  After devotions, we reviewed our schedule for the upcoming week. Steve also shared many words of wisdom in the field of our spiritual life and how we must fight to keep it strong throughout our high school years. Adam Meyer

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